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01 about

Sarah Haynes was born in Alabama and raised in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Her mother educated her aboard a boat built by her parents, and the sense of isolation, stark beauty and Bohemian living found in island life ultimately contributed to her development and worldview as an artist.


02 portfolio


03 What the media is saying

"The paintings hit like a punch to the gut, like there’s this barely contained energy set to burst from the canvas. It’s in the intensity of the colors, the strange angles, the way the eyes seem to burn into you straight off of the portraits." 

- "Fierce Beauty" by Jason Zwiker, Charleston Living Magazine

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"It's like looking into someone's eyes, seeing the bright blue sky reflected...and suddenly dark clouds are brewing behind a flash of something volcanic. There's a whole different world inside of this person, a world most of us would never have guessed was there had she not chosen to paint for us." 

- Jason Zwiker, Charleston Style


04 contact

Charleston, SC USA

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